Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Workbook

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Workbook


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    I wrote this book to introduce troubleshooting so the electrician can keep the lights on and the machinery running. I have found in my travels and teaching, from the questions being asked to me, that there is a definite need for a book on troubleshooting electrical circuits.

     In today's society it's a different world than when I served my apprenticeship in the 1950s. Back then an electrician was to troubleshoot and find the fault and repair it. Today we live in a world of part changers in most instances. Today the technician is not taught how to repair the fault in a television but just change out the board. Same with your automobile, the mechanic hooks the vehicle up to a computer and it will tell them which part needs to be replaced. It's a different world!

     But, when it comes to the everyday electrical problems in residential or commercial buildings there is no computer or diagnostic check. The electrician is still required to find the fault and repair it. This is an excellent follow-up book after working "The Electricians Workbook."

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