Rigging, Hoisting, and Signaling Practices

Rigging, Hoisting, and Signaling Practices


: 9780826936516

: Book

  • ISBN: 978-0-8269-3651-6
  • Author(s): In Partnership with the electrical training ALLIANCE
  • Textbook: 232 pages, 262 illustrations, softcover

Rigging, Hoisting, and Signaling Practices is an introduction to the equipment, calculations, and procedures required for the safe handling and transportation of materials by hoists or cranes. This textbook is relevant for all personnel involved in lifting operations and can be used as part of a training program for certification preparation. Topics include industry standards and certifications, crane types and dynamics, signaling procedures, lift planning, weight and balance, sling loads, rigging components, equipment handling, hoists, and lifting procedures.

Readers learn how to calculate a load's weight and center of gravity (CG) and how these determine the sling loads on the rigging. Content also includes the effect of rigging arrangements and mechanical advantage on sling and line loads. Safety practices are discussed throughout. Multimedia features include animations and videos of crane motions, and signaling practices, as well as knot tying demonstrations.

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