Quick Reference to the 2017 National Electrical Code® [BTP Online Training]

Quick Reference to the 2017 National Electrical Code® [BTP Online Training]

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Welcome to the 2017 National Electrical Code® Quick Reference Course

Our Quick Reference course is THE BEST WAY to prepare to get certified easily in the 2017 National Electrical Code.

Our course is dynamically built and designed for learning, as we deliver a series of lessons section by section directly to your web browser or mobile device, and can be conveniently accessed anytime, anyplace. A certificate is issued upon completion of all sections.

Don’t procrastinate, enroll now!!!

In this unique quick-reference course, you'll get a summary of all the significant sections of the National Electrical Code (NEC) you need to know, based on the current 2017 NEC .

These special sections are included:

  • NEC Neutral & Grounded Conductors
  • Branch Circuits
  • Feeders
  • Service Conductors
  • Protection against Physical Damage
  • Working Space Clearances
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Overhead Installations
  • Underground Installations
  • Conductors General Wiring
  • Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlet
  • Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlet Locations

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