Network Routing 2nd Edition Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures

Network Routing 2nd Edition Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures


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Expected Release date: October 1, 2017

Table of Contents

Part I: Routing: Basics and Foundations
1. Networking and Network Routing: An Introduction
2. Routing Algorithms: Shortest Path, Widest Path, and Spanning Tree
3. Routing Protocols: Framework and Principles
4. Network Flow Models

Part II: Internet Routing
5. IP Routing and Distance Vector Protocol Family
6. OSPF and Integrated IS-IS
7. IP Traffic Engineering
8. Multicast Routing
9. BGP
10. Routing in the Global Internet
11. Routing and Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks
12. Routing in Data Center Networks View more >


Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures, Second Edition, explores network routing and how it can be broadly categorized into Internet routing, PSTN routing, and telecommunication transport network routing.

The book systematically considers these routing paradigms, as well as their interoperability, discussing how algorithms, protocols, analysis, and operational deployment impact these approaches and addressing both macro-state and micro-state in routing. View more >

Key Features

  • Extensive coverage of routing in the Internet, from protocols (such as OSPF, BGP), to traffic engineering, to security issues
  • A detailed coverage of various router and switch architectures, IP lookup and packet classification methods
  • A comprehensive treatment of circuit-switched routing and optical network routing
  • New topics such as software-defined networks, data center networks, multicast routing
  • Bridges the gap between theory and practice in routing, including the fine points of implementation and operational experience
  • Accessible to a wide audience due to its vendor-neutral approach


Network architects, senior technical and operational staff, graduate students

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