Modern Power System Analysis, Second Edition

Modern Power System Analysis, Second Edition


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    • Focuses on electric power engineering, with particular emphasis on power transmission systems
    • Reviews fundamental concepts of steady-state AC circuits
    • Offers in-depth analysis of balanced and unbalanced faults
    • Covers transmission system protection
    • Discusses load-flow analysis in detail
    • Includes new material on transmission line structure and equipment, as well as overhead and underground power transmission, and updated and expanded material throughout
    • Familiarizes the reader with industry vocabulary, symbols, and issues


Pedagogical Features

  • Includes a wealth of end-of-chapter problems
  • Provides ample numerical examples
  • Defines terms when they are first introduced and in a glossary
  • Includes nearly 400 figures to illustrate the material
  • Contains useful appendices, including impedance tables, unit conversions, and additional solved examples

A solutions manual and figure slides are available upon qualifying course adoption.


Most textbooks that deal with the power analysis of electrical engineering power systems focus on generation or distribution systems. Filling a gap in the literature, Modern Power System Analysis, Second Edition introduces readers to electric power systems, with an emphasis on key topics in modern power transmission engineering. Throughout, the book familiarizes readers with concepts and issues relevant to the power utility industry.

A Classroom-Tested Power Engineering Text That Focuses on Power Transmission

Drawing on the author’s industry experience and more than 42 years teaching courses in electrical machines and electric power engineering, this book explains the material clearly and in sufficient detail, supported by extensive numerical examples and illustrations. New terms are defined when they are first introduced, and a wealth of end-of-chapter problems reinforce the information presented in each chapter.

Topics covered include:

  • Power system planning
  • Transmission line parameters and the steady-state performance of transmission lines
  • Disturbance of system components
  • Symmetrical components and sequence impedances
  • Analysis of balanced and unbalanced faults—including shunt, series, and simultaneous faults
  • Transmission line protection
  • Load-flow analysis

Designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students as a two-semester or condensed one-semester text, this classroom-tested book can also be used for self-study. In addition, the detailed explanations and useful appendices make this updated second edition a handy reference for practicing power engineers in the electrical power utility industry.

What’s New in This Edition

  • 35 percent new material
  • Updated and expanded material throughout
  • Topics on transmission line structure and equipment
  • Coverage of overhead and underground power transmission
  • Expanded discussion and examples on power flow and substation design
  • Extended impedance tables and expanded coverage of per unit systems in the appendices
  • New appendix containing additional solved problems using MATLAB®
  • New glossary of modern power system analysis terminology

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