High Voltage Engineering and Testing, 3rd Edition

High Voltage Engineering and Testing, 3rd Edition


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This 3rd edition of High Voltage Engineering Testing describes strategic developments in the field and reflects on how they can best be managed. All the key components of high voltage and distribution systems are covered including electric power networks, UHV and HV. Distribution systems including HVDC and power electronic systems are also considered.

In the book, particular consideration is given to recent developments in UHV, AC and DC transmission systems abroad. Recent developments in renewable energy techniques and environmental issues are also discussed and assessed. This new edition gives details of design and testing techniques and considers recent developments in testing and measuring technology and reviews them together with appropriate strategic technological assessments of some applications.

The book also looks at UHV, HV and distribution systems both from the point of view of the provider and the user, covering everything from specification and testing to overall system co-ordination. The ongoing dynamic changes which have taken place during the past decade are considered, moving on from the early stages of privatisation and market influences in the UK and abroad, to current strategies aimed at optimising the value of network assets and the effective utilisation of alternative renewable energy sources within network frameworks.

Book readership

The book is ideal for engineering students, lecturers, new graduates entering the high-voltage field, practising engineers, consultants and anyone wishing to extend their knowledge in this area.

Book contents

1 Electric power transmission and distribution systems
I.A. Erinmez

2 Insulation co-ordination for AC transmission and distribution systems
T. Irwin and H.M. Ryan

3 Applications of gaseous insulants
H.M. Ryan

4 HVDC and power electronic systems
Gearo´id o´ hEidhin

5 The implications of renewable energy on grid networks
Adrian Wilson

6 High-voltage cable systems
A.L. Barclay

7 Gas-filled interrupters – fundamentals
G.R. Jones, M. Seeger and J.W. Spencer

8 Switchgear design, development and service
S.M. Ghufran Ali

9 Distribution switchgear
B.M. Pryor

10 Differences in performance between SF6 and vacuum circuit-breakers at distribution voltage levels
S.M. Ghufran Ali

11 Life management of electrical plant: a distribution perspective
John Steed

12 High-voltage bushings
John S. Graham

13 Design of high-voltage power transformers
A. White

14 Transformer user requirements, specifications and testing
S. Ryder and J.A. Lapworth

15 Basic measuring techniques
Ernst Gockenbach

16 Basic testing techniques
Ernst Gockenbach

17 Partial discharge measuring technique
Ernst Gockenbach

18 Digital measuring technique and evaluation procedures
Ernst Gockenbach

19 Fundamental aspects of air breakdown
J. Blackett

20 Condition monitoring of high-voltage transformers 675
A. White

21 Integrated substation condition monitoring
T. Irwin, C. Charlson and M. Schuler

22 Intelligent monitoring of high-voltage equipment with optical fibre sensors and chromatic techniques
G.R. Jones and J.W. Spencer

23 Some recent ESI developments: environmental, state of art, nuclear, renewables, future trends, smart grids and cyber issues
H.M. Ryan

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