Hazardous Locations

Hazardous Locations

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Hazardous Locations is a workbook requiring the student to use the National Electrical Code book in answering the questions from each Article. A final exam is included on all the Articles.

Explosion proof equipment is expensive more so than the nonhazardous electrical equipment. Careful attention should be made to locate much of the equipment in a less hazardous area, thus reducing the amount of special equipment required. The larger the equipment, the less likely explosionproof equipment will be available. Motors and generators suitable for Group C locations are quite limited in availability.

After installation, routine maintenance is still needed, mainly because many hazardous locations are also corrosive locations.

The weakest link in the total system can undermine the effectiveness of the best individual components.

The quality of American life depends upon the safety and effectiveness of electrical application.

If you're wiring gas stations, hospitals, nursing homes, paint spraying facilities or other classified locations you need this workbook of pictures!


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