Electronic Packaging Materials and Their Properties

Electronic Packaging Materials and Their Properties


: 9780849396250

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  • Discusses the use of materials and reliability issues related to them and their interfaces
  • Reviews critical electrical, thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties
  • Analyzes electronic packaging architectures - ranging from zeroth to third levels
  • Demonstrates how the levels of packaging or packaging architectures classify materials and their performance
  • Summary

    Packaging materials strongly affect the effectiveness of an electronic packaging system regarding reliability, design, and cost. In electronic systems, packaging materials may serve as electrical conductors or insulators, create structure and form, provide thermal paths, and protect the circuits from environmental factors, such as moisture, contamination, hostile chemicals, and radiation.
    Electronic Packaging Materials and Their Properties examines the array of packaging architecture, outlining the classification of materials and their use for various tasks requiring performance over time. Applications discussed include:
  • interconnections
  • printed circuit boards
  • substrates
  • encapsulants
  • dielectrics
  • die attach materials
  • electrical contacts
  • thermal materials
  • solders
    Electronic Packaging Materials and Their Properties also reviews key electrical, thermal, thermomechanical, mechanical, chemical, and miscellaneous properties as well as their significance in electronic packaging.
  • 9780849396250 
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