Electricity and Basic Electronics, 8th Edition

Electricity and Basic Electronics, 8th Edition

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: Goodheart-Willcox

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Electricity and Basic Electronics is an introductory text that presents basic theories and fundamentals in a learner-friendly manner. Topics, which span from the sources of energy and Ohm's Law to diodes, circuits, and switches, are covered in a logical sequence with information building upon itself. Features spotlight applications such as breadboarding, soldering, and voltage reading on an oscilloscope. A career chapter outlines different opportunities and training requirements to help students navigate job options.
  • In-text projects, which include construction procedures and schematics, provide hands-on learning to students.
  • Math Focus features provide an opportunity for students to review topics such as algebraic equations and fractions that are needed to be successful.
  • A chapter on energy conservation introduces students to green topics and creates awareness of alternative energy sources and efficiency options.


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