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The neThird Edition of this National Best Selling book on conduit bending is without a doubt...The most complete book on conduit bending ever published. Expanded by 50 pages, the book will show you step-by-step how to bend stubs, ninety degree bends, offsets, kicks, saddles,layout for segment bending, segment bends, concentric bends, etc. All forms of pipe bending are included; EMT, Rigid, IMC, PVC and Aluminum pipe. Hand, Mechanical, and hydraulic bending methods and equipment are covered. Included is a wallet-sized table with all the formulas and constants you need for precision bending. The new Third Edition contains 50 pages of new explanations and added photographs and drawings.

Hey -- even the old pros learn new tricks. 

Lots of clever tricks and tips from a Master Electrician. 

Sample problems of actual conduit bends. Great examples. Easy to understand. Speed up your jobs and do it the easy way.
This is the most complete book on conduit bending published to date. It's written like a textbook with examples, sample problems, and has over 150 photographs and illustrations. The book includes sections on EMT, Rigid Steel, Rigid Aluminum, IMC, and PVC Conduit. All bending methods; hand, mechanical, hydraulic (segment and concentric), and heat bending PVC are covered. A section of pertinent tables and information and a fold-up "wallet size" reference card is included. Book Highlights: 
• Basic Trigonometry

• Electrical Metallic Conduit (EMT)
• Ninety Degree Bends
• Back-To-Back 90 Degree Bends
• Kicks 
• Offsets
• Pre-determining offset locations
• Parallel Offsets
• Four Bend Saddles
• Three Bend Saddles
• Bending around a Corner 
• Rigid Metallic Conduit
• Bending with a Mechanical Style Bender 
• Hydraulic benders
• Layout for Segment Bending
• Segment Bending Techniques
• Concentric Bending 
• Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) 
• Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (RNC) 
• Finding the unknown radius 
• Bending Larger than Normal Radius Bends

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