Electrical Machines: Fundamentals of Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Electrical Machines: Fundamentals of Electromechanical Energy Conversion


: 9781498708838

: Book



      • Each chapter contains a minimum of 10 numerical examples
        • Highlights the importance of the physics of electric machines
          • Presents mathematical models for computer simulation of electrical machines
            • Shows examples of application of electrical machines to modern electromechanical drive systems
              • Solves numerical examples using MathCAD; some problems can be solved using Finite Element Method 
              • Includes SRMs and PM brushless machines


              This book endeavors to break the stereotype that basic electrical machine courses are limited only to transformers, DC brush machines, induction machines, and wound-field synchronous machines. It is intended to serve as a textbook for basic courses on Electrical Machines covering the fundamentals of the electromechanical energy conversion, transformers, classical electrical machines, i.e., DC brush machines, induction machines, wound-field rotor synchronous machines and modern electrical machines, i.e., switched reluctance machines (SRM) and permanent magnet (PM) brushless machines. In addition to academic research and teaching, the author has worked for over 18 years in US high-technology corporative businesses providing solutions to problems such as design, simulation, manufacturing and laboratory testing of large variety of electrical machines for electric traction, energy generation, marine propulsion, and aerospace electric systems.



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