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In the second edition of this bestseller, Denise Warkentin-Glenn presents in everyday language the nuances, history, and recent developments of the electric power industry. This new version includes updated information on utilities, merchant plants, rural cooperatives, government entities and more. It also has new chapters covering the 2005 Energy Policy Act, environmental standards, and updates to industry mergers and acquisitions. This important edition gives a comprehensive look at our countryŒ's most critical economic driver.

Benefits for readers:

  • Impacts of new regulation
  • Simple and clear explanation of generation, transmission and governance
  • How cleaner fuels and new technology are transforming the industry
  • The newest environmental standards

Table of Contents


Part I: The Core Technical Competencies in the Electric Utility Industry

1. Power Generation


Generation Resources

Generation Efficiency and Capacity

The Generation Process

Electricity Production Methods

Generation and the Role of Fuel Diversity

New Technologies


2. Power Transmission and Distribution

The Bulk Power Transmission System

Transmission and Distribution Components

New Technologies


Part II: The Formation and Reformation of the Electric Utility Industry

3. The Beginning of the Electric Utility Industry

The Early History Behind the Industry

Major Players

Technology in the Making


4. The Electric Utility Industry as a Regulated Entity

Regulation Defined

The Early Years of Regulation

State Public Utility Commissions

Federal Regulatory Entities

Federal Laws Loosen their Grip


5. Restructuring, Standards, and Accountability

The Driving Forces Behind Competition

The Role of FERC 

North American Electric Reliability Council

The Advent of the ISO and RTO

States Respond to Changes

Part III: Emerging Issues and Trends

6. The Energy Policy Act of 2005

Legislative Overview

Power Delivery

Provisions Specific to Rural Electric Cooperatives

Tax Implications

Energy Production Tax Credits

PUHCA Repeal: 70 Years of Structure Comes to an End


7. Transmission, Technology, and the Pursuit of Reliability

Transmission System Status 

Transmission System Constraints

Security and System Stability

Cyber Security 

The Role of Broadband Over Power Lines

Transmission System Upgrades


8. Environmental Standards and Issues

Clean Air Rules

Clean Air Interstate Rule

Mercury Rule

Ozone Rules

Fine Particle Rules

Ultra-Clean Power Plants


9. The Electric Utility Industry as a Business Enterprise

Mergers and Acquisitions

Energy Service Companies Rise to the Occasion




  • A. Glossary
  • B. Acronyms
  • C. Units of Measure
  • D. Industry Contacts
  • Bibliography
  • Author Biography
  • Index

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