Changes to the National Electrical Code (textbook & DVDs), 2017 NEC

Changes to the National Electrical Code (textbook & DVDs), 2017 NEC

: Mike Holt

: 1110000023296



Mike Holt's Changes to the NEC 2017 DVD Program will give you the tools you need to learn the most essential Code changes quickly and easily.

The DVDs showcase dynamic round-table discussions with Mike and his panel of experts dissecting the change, its impact, and how it will translate in the field. The wide range of skills of the panel provides a comprehensive overview of each change from various segments of the industry.

The full-color textbook is a powerful learning tool that combines over 400 instructional graphics with unique book features that bring clarity to the changes:

  • Author's comments to clarify the meaning of the change.
  • In-depth Analysis to explain the background information.
  • A Final Exam to test your knowledge.
  • And much more...

Package includes:
• Changes to the NEC 2017 Textbook
• Changes to the NEC Disc 1 DVD  90.1 - 250.148
• Changes to the NEC Disc 2 DVD 300.3 - 445.20

• Changes to the NEC Disc 3 DVD 501.10 - 820.24

If you want to become an expert on the 2017 Code Changes, then order this program today!

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