AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications

AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications


: 9781439819630

: Book



    • Presents the basics of DC machines and motor control theories


    • Demonstrates synthesis of magnetomotive force (MMF) and defines inter-frame coordinate maps



    • Illustrates dynamic modeling, field-oriented control, and advanced techniques for induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs)



    • Explores the trend toward the use of PMSMs and related sensorless control techniques—including back EMF and signal injection-based methods



    • Illustrates fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, the benefits of driving power hybridization, and the potential and limits of battery electric vehicles (BEVs)



    • Includes experimental results and solutions to the problems



Motor control technology continues to play a vital role in the initiative to eliminate or at least decrease petroleum dependency and greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Increased motor efficiency is a crucial aspect of this science in the global transition to clean power use in areas such as industrial applications and home appliances—but particularly in the design of vehicles.


Summarizes the evolution of motor driving units toward high efficiency, low cost, high power density, and flexible interface with other components


AC Motor Control and Electric Vehicle Applications addresses the topics mentioned in its title but also elaborates on motor design perspective, such as back EMF harmonics, loss, flux saturation, and reluctance torque, etc. Maintaining theoretical integrity in AC motor modeling and control throughout, the author focuses on the benefits and simplicity of the rotor field-oriented control, describing the basics of PWM, inverter, and sensors. He also clarifies the fundamentals of electric vehicles and their associated dynamics, motor issues, and battery limits. A powerful compendium of practical information, this book serves as an overall useful tool for the design and control of high-efficiency motors.



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